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Does your student have gaps in basic math skills, get anxious about tests in their AP history class, or just want to ensure their best science project ever? Our West LA tutors are subject experts that can support their success in any school subject!

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Tutoring for kids at the individual level  offers intensive, personal support for your student in any academic subject. Our tutoring center Gurus individualize each session based on your student’s needs: addressing schoolwork, creating custom assignments, and supporting their time management and organization throughout the week. Consider one-on-one tutoring services if your student:

  • Is working on a particular assignment or test for school.
  • Needs to quickly build basic skills or master a subject.
  • Requires extensive support with organization or study skills.
  • Is easily distracted or discouraged by other students.

Small-group tutoring provides the social learning of a classroom, but with the individualized attention of a dedicated tutor. In a group of three to seven students, our best tutors present enrichment curriculum in academic subjects, ensuring that your student shines in the classroom. Consider small-group tutoring if your student:

  • Has several classmates in the same subject that desire tutoring as a group.
  • Is reviewing for an AP test or SAT subject tests.
  • Needs supervised after school tutors for homework completion or independent work.
  • Is seeking enrichment through participation in an advanced class.
Academic Services Student Testimonial

Subject Tutoring Testimonial

“I recommend MEG... I’ve struggled with Math all my life, and I’d say before I’m more of a B student in math. After coming to Yi, this second semester of school, I have an A in my math class.”

— Dylan Singh —

Student Tutoring West Los Angeles

Project-Based Tutoring

Regularly-scheduled sessions with our tutoring center Gurus help students find the rhythm of academic success. We offer a variety of custom schedules with our tutoring services: Most sessions are one to two hours in length and may be set weekly, biweekly, or multiple times a week. Contact us to set up an initial session—we will make recommendations for your student’s tutoring plan based on their needs.

Project-based tutoring sessions are scheduled with our Gurus on an as-needed basis. When students are working on a large project, compiling a portfolio, or studying for a major test, they often need extra subject-specific support. Contact us with your deadlines, availability, and budget and we can craft a short-term tutoring plan that will support your student to turn in their best work!

Popular subjects we tutor include:

  • Math tutoring
  • Science tutoring
  • English tutoring
  • History tutoring
  • And more!

We Also Cater to Students with Accommodations.



Tutoring for kids on-site at our West Los Angeles location offers the greatest diversity of options, from regular small-group sessions in academic subjects to consultations with our experts in college counseling and learning accommodations. Our Gurus work face-to-face with our students in an environment structured to support their focus and best academic performance. Where possible, we recommend on-site tutoring to all of our students, because it offers:

A Distraction-Free Environment

Students have a place to spread out their work, no distracting environmental cues, and are encouraged to create a mental association between our location and focused work.

Maximum flexibility

We have the most Gurus and tutoring times available on-site and can accommodate last-minute changes (e.g. changing a regular math tutoring meeting to a science tutoring session).

A Curated Tutoring Experience

Our student tutoring experts design their sessions from beginning to end to make maximum use of their time with a student. On-site tutoring eliminates delays in set-up or troubleshooting software, ensuring every minute is best used.

However, we know that an on-site tutoring center might not be ideal for every student. Upon request, we offer both in-home and virtual tutoring sessions to help your student succeed, wherever they may be:


In-Home Tutoring

Our Gurus are able to travel to homes across Los Angeles, providing students with academic support in a familiar environment. Contact us with your location, academic needs, and time availabilities, and we will see which of our Gurus is right for you.


Virtual Tutoring

You may ask, is there tutoring near me? For students with full schedules or distant tutoring center locations, we offer tutoring for kids via video chat. Our Gurus are experienced in digital tools, using G Suite collaboration and tools as well as face-to-face video conferencing to create a focused and efficient learning experience from afar.

Our 4-Part Approach

Subject Tutoring Assessment

Conduct an Assessment

We assess each student’s unique learning needs by reviewing their coursework, upcoming assignments, content knowledge, and academic skills. Our Gurus use these considerations to devise realistic benchmarks and subject-specific goals for student tutoring plans.

Subject Tutoring Tool & Strategy

Provide Tools and Strategies

We implement a wide variety of tools to match student needs. Some strategies include test preparation, immediate corrective feedback, scaffolding, and drill practice. For example, in one-on-one sessions our Gurus implement the three-level approach to ensure deep comprehension of examples: The Gurus demonstrate a problem, the student re-explains that problem, and the student and teachers solve a new problem.

Subject Learning Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Student Struggles

We implement a flexible approach, as certain strategies will not suit a particular subject, learning goal, or student. Our best tutors want students to learn how to adapt to different situations—we approach this by troubleshooting problems with students and demonstrating how to apply strategies in a classroom context.

Subject Tutoring Confidence

Help Establish and Reinforce Confidence

In subject-specific tutoring, many students maintain the long-term goal of good grades. Our Gurus support movement toward this goal, creating step-by-step routines and checkpoints so students can actively observe mastery development. Through this structure, students can see their grades as a successful and predictable culmination of their progress, not a random reward or punishment.

Enroll Subject Tutoring

Enroll in Subject Tutoring

We recommend that you begin taking steps toward the college application process at the end of the student’s Sophomore year. You can start the enrollment process by calling us at (424) 276-1524. We will ask you a few screening questions and schedule an intake appointment for you and your student.

Executive function coaching, academic tutoring, test preparation and college counseling are provided in individual or small group sessions. Sessions are held at our tutoring center. Off-site or virtual tutoring conferencing sessions are available. For information on our current schedule, call us at (424) 276-1524 or email us at


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