Therapeutic Art Classes in West LA

Therapeutic Art Classes

Are you or your child looking for relief and healing through creative self-expression? MY Education Guru offers sessions in therapeutic and expressive art classes for kids and adults of all ages. Anyone—no matter their talent or training—can build self-awareness and emotional resilience, cognitive flexibility and focus, and creativity through the physical process of art-making.

Art Therapy West LA


In an expressive art course, the goal isn’t to copy an existing piece or to master a technique, but instead to explore the mental, emotional, and physical processes of art making. In our West Los Angeles art classroom, students work alongside one another on guided projects designed specifically to spark self-awareness on the part of the artist. In each session, students can enjoy a safe space to develop creative vision, learn techniques and tools, and create unique art pieces. With the direction of an instructor who is a trained and working artist, students engage in reflective practices (e.g. journaling, visualization) to draw out personal insights and motivation for the project. Then, through the cathartic physical process of visual art-making (e.g. drawing, painting, and sculpture) students communicate these insights through their art.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

"After searching for art classes near me, I finally found a local adult art class in West LA that exceeded my expectations.I had a great experience with My Education Guru in arts integration.What I liked most was their one-to-one connection.”

O.M. – Student

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By signing up art classes in LA that encourages regular creative self-expression, you can find an outlet for your creative energy or an opportunity for personal growth. Through our expressive art-making lessons, you will…

  • learn new technical skills for creating visual art. Your knowledge of art materials and art-making techniques will grow through guided practice, building your physical dexterity and ability to make your vision come to life.
  • strength your cognitive and socioemotional skills, including attention, focus, motivation, emotion regulation, and empathy.1 The production of art builds habits of mind that transfer into other domains of thought and life.
  • experience the creative process from initial inspiration to final realization. Through prompts and activities, our projects help you get over the “creative block” and find ideas and emotions that can motivate your work.
  • improve your mood, alleviate negative feelings, and develop emotional resilience. Working through structured art projects in a safe environment for emotional catharsis helps address stress and anxiety and build emotional self-regulation skills.2

1 Goldstein, T. R., Lerner, M. D., & Winner, E. (2017). The Arts as a Venue for Developmental Science: Realizing a Latent Opportunity. Child Development, 88(5), 1505–1512. doi:10.1111/cdev.12884

2 Gruber, H., & Oepen, R. (2018). Emotion regulation strategies and effects in art-making: A narrative synthesis. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 59, 65–74. doi:10.1016/j.aip.2017.12.006

Art Therapy Schedule

  • Blind Contour Drawing
  • Intuitive Drawing
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Visual Journaling Techniques, including

  • Meditative drawing
  • Collage techniques
  • Dry and wet media
  • Design Elements and Color Theory
  • Photo Composition Project
  • Kinesthetic and Sensory Based Art Exercises
  • Gestural Drawing

Creating a Unique Visual Language with Shapes, Lines, and Color

  • Creating Mind Mapping
  • Mixed Media Collage with emotionally-charged photos and words

Garment Art: Mixed-media garment inspired by a memory

Garment Art (week 2)

  • Masks of Strength
  • Face casting and mixed media art
  • Masks of Strength
  • Face casting and mixed media art

We Also Cater to Students with Accommodations.

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Technical Art Lessons

The primary goal of our classes is experiencing the creative process of self-expression, not the acquisition of particular artistic skills. Regular practice will make you feel more comfortable in your artistic abilities, and exposure to professional tools and methods will grow your knowledge of how to make art. However, the primary focus of instruction is not to provide critical feedback but insights into how you can improve your technique.

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Walkthroughs of Pre-designed Work

Although our classes are organized around specific projects, they are not step-by-step replications of our instructor’s vision for an art piece. Instead, we invite students to go through every step of the creative process, including finding inspiration, initial design, and realizing a unique piece.

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Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy

Through art integration, students can address personal challenges, trauma, and negative emotions. Students will be invited to share their insights and motivations, but may also choose to express themselves non-verbally—you don’t have to talk about your work or its subjects.


If you are a group of adults or adolescents seeking an outlet for creative self-expression, stress relief, and socialization, contact the MEG Learning Center about scheduling an event at our site. We provide the location, materials, and guided instruction to support an engaging creative experience or collective art therapy session. Whether you are planning a special event or a regular opportunity to socialize and decompress, we can accommodate your group in our space!

Our Instructor

Therapeutic Art Class Teacher

Keely Collin, M.A.

Keely Collin was born and raised in Los Angeles, and holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from Pepperdine University as well as extensive art training from schools in Madrid, Florence, and Los Angeles. She has been an educator for over 10 years and has taught visual art courses ranging from photography, painting, mixed-media, and sculpture. Keely believes that every person has a creative spirit that is waiting to unfold, and her goal is to tap into that part of each individual and see it flourish. In her teaching practice, she incorporates an array of different media and styles to help guide the student to find their own creative voice and method for self-expression. Her approach is to use positive reinforcement to inspire students’ personal growth throughout the learning process.

Art Therapy Sign Up


You can start the enrollment process by calling us at (424) 276-1524. We will ask you a few screening questions and set an intake appointment and discuss your concerns to determine if Therapeutic Art is right for you or your student.

Therapeutic Art sessions are usually held in the afternoon or evening, at our location at 10340 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Off-site sessions may be available as well. For information on our current availability and group schedule, call us at(424) 276-1524 or email us at info@myeducationguru.com.  


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