Study Hall and Study Skills

Does your child need structure and better study habits to support independent learning and homework completion? Is executive functioning support the main barrier to your student’s success? Or are they interested in many of the academic services that our Gurus offer? A membership in the MY Education Guru Study Hall in West Los Angeles allows unlimited access to these resources and more!

Study Coaches


The Study Hall is a structured environment tailored to focus on good study habits and study skills, supervised by education professionals and study coaches who know the power of regular face-to-face check-ins when supporting student accountability and enthusiasm for work.

With a monthly membership, students have access to unlimited support from a study coach, who help students with study strategies by helping to set goals, break down complex tasks, manage anxiety and motivation problems, and track their progress in:

Students with a Study Hall membership also receive 15% off all Therapeutic Services or One-on-one Tutoring Services offered by MY Education Guru in West LA.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

Study Skills Testimonial

“They make you want to take initiative of your life. It’s definitely already helping me—I can see the effects. I feel like I’m more organized. I feel excited about doing my work…”

— Neil O'loughlin —


Study Hall Academic Support

Students with Many Varied Academic Support Needs

Many parents find themselves balancing multiple types of education professionals to facilitate their students’ success—subject tutoring, test preparation, learning specialists, college counseling, and more. Through the Study Hall, students have access to varied types of Gurus on call and discounts on extra services to reduce the overall burden of organization and cost.

Study Group

Students Whose Pace, Motivation, or Quality of Work Skyrocket under Supervision

Some students who struggle mightily with academic success just need a little push to get going, and the benefit of regular access to a healthy, supportive study group is all they need to build confidence and start seeing great returns.

Study Strategies

Students Who are Building Executive Functioning Skills or Independence

Many students are still mastering the essential skills and study strategies they need to succeed in school: planning, time-management, attention, self-monitoring, and self-regulation. Regular, supervised work on these skills produces more efficient, confident, and independent learners.

We Also Cater to Students with Accommodations.

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