MY Education Guru Learning Center offers an exciting English as a Second Language (ESL) Program, “Friends for the Future.” Study English in the rich and exciting cultural environment of Los Angeles, California! Our ESL school welcomes students from all over the world. Soon, we will be offering study abroad programs to Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand and Kiribati, helping students learn a variety of cultures and foreign languages.

ESL Summer Program West LA

ESL Program: What do we offer?

Beginning in 2020, a variety of summer ESL programs will be offered at our West Los Angeles location. These language programs include a one week basketball program, a one, two, or four week project based program, a one to three month adult vocational training program in yoga for self-regulation, machining, computer coding, graphic design, 3D design and fabrication, film production, screenwriting, and dance.

Each of our programs are paired with strong language components that focus on three types of skills:

  • Receptive language skills (RL): listening to native speakers and recordings, and reading native texts
  • Productive language skills (PL): writing essays, presentations, and rehearsed public speaking
  • Interactive language skills (IL): conversation, natural social interactions, and cultural literacy

Five aspects of English language instruction:

English as Second Language Program West LA

Traditional Classroom instruction

Language, vocabulary, grammar lessons.

Language program Los Angeles

Project-Based Learning

Weekly projects that culminate to a final project.

ESL program West Los Angles

Advanced Classes

In-depth exploration of skills.

ESL School West LA

Group Activities

Games, seminars, hands-on learning.

Study Abroad West LA

Outings & Trips

Skills practice & sightseeing!

We offer three levels of classes for our ESL program: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. An assessment prior to the trip will be done for correct placement.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

"MY Education Guru is great. They helped me and my friends learn English and 3D printing. They're very caring and give very personal, individualized attention to us..."

R.W. – Student

Learn English Abroad through Social Interactions

Basketball Program West LA

Basketball Program

Program description

  • Our one-week camp focuses on three goals

    • Physical game → fundamentals, technique, skill and in game application
    • Mental game → mindfulness, focus, stress reduction, dealing with pressure, teamwork, team mentality
    • Sightseeing and experiencing LA


  • 13 or younger
  • 14 or older

Project-Based Programs

Students may enroll in a one, two, or four week program. Each week includes unique lessons and outings. Students can complete a one week ESL program during weeks one, two, or three, or a two week ESL Program during weeks one-two, two-three, or three-four. Ages range from 14-18 years old.

Three main topics include:

Study English abroad Program West LA

Emerging Technology: Explore science, technology, engineering, and math through our topics of earth and space, tech and entertainment, everyday tech, and silicon beach. Each week is filled with STEM workshops and plenty of opportunities to learn English.

Outdoors Program Study English abroad

Outdoors and Sustainability: Explore Los Angeles’ great outdoors through the topics of sustainable Los Angeles, parks and recreation, Los Angeles wildlife, and the ocean. Study English abroad and explore how to make an environmental impact.

Study English abroad Program West LA

Creative Arts: Dive into your creative side with our topics of painting, photography, sculpture and architecture, and computer animation. See what comes out your imagination and how to communicate it in English.

STEM Workshop West LA Film Production

One to Three Month Adult ESL Programs

Program description

  • Our adult ESL programs are meant to introduce international students to English through receptive, productive and interactive language skills. Students can choose an elective in which they will be able to learn a trade while they study English in a social, project-based environment.

Types of classes: Yoga for self-regulation, machining, computer coding, graphic design, 3D design and fabrication, film production, screenwriting, and dance.


  • 18 or older

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