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MY Education Guru of West LA aims to provide innovative, inspiring, and illuminating educational services for students of all educational backgrounds and needs to excel in academics, prepare for further education, grow as individuals, and achieve their goals and aspirations.

About My Education Guru
MY Education Guru Educational Services

Educational Philosophy

MY Education Guru believes all students are unique in their own way. They can be athletes, volunteers, or swamped with extracurriculars.  The one thing they all have in common in this increasingly competitive environment is a lack of time. Our students have to balance time between school, family, friends, sports, and plenty of other activities. What they need is higher education consulting, and as Gurus, we pride ourselves in creating innovative learning plans that are efficient and effective tools to help students reach their academic and personal goals.

My Education Guru Education Counselor

Educational Consultant

MY Education Guru understands the importance of education, and during a student’s journey to academic excellence and continuing education and beyond, every obstacle will be an emotional roller coaster. Let our education counselors inspire and guide your student to pursue their passions without the fear of failure. We are your student’s safety net when times get rough and their propellers when times get exciting!

MY Education Guru Educational Philosophy

Educational Services

We acknowledge that the path to success in school can become an overwhelming and daunting task. There are so many options and so many challenges to overcome. Whether it is choosing between choice A or D on an SAT question, understanding and constructing audio speakers for a physics project, or picking the right college, our Gurus are here to illuminate your student’s path with a selection of educational services from academic coaching, homeschooling, subject tutoring and more, so that each step is easier and each decision is clearer.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

"My education consultant at MY Education Guru was very thorough. He repeatedly went over any important concepts. His academic coaching was very entertaining and able to captivate my attention."

– D.M., Student Athlete


Yi Chang My Education Guru

Yi Chang

Founder of My Education Guru

I first started coaching students in my old neighborhood library in Artesia, California where the students not only came in to see me for math help, but also as a source of refuge from the neighborhood. We would spend hours sitting and reading Goosebumps or learning how to add and subtract numbers. Most importantly, I spent a lot of my time listening to my students and helping them value their education. When I left Artesia to attend UCLA in 2012, I made sure we kept in contact and I am glad to say that when I graduated in 2015, some of them were following in my footsteps.

After I graduated, I spent some more time back in libraries with students as I began to find my joy. I began to work with unique students who were very talented, but just needed some guidance with their ADHD/ADD. I even had the chance to work with students with autism and asperger’s where I learned some of the most important lessons about being a coach and a friend: patience and compassion. I even had the privilege of helping my students get football scholarships and full-rides as national merit finalist. In the time I have been an academic coach, I have learned we are not just an academic safety net or propellers, sometimes, we are the ears and voice of our students.

We are their educational gurus.


Melisa Rung

Administrative Officer

As MY Education Guru’s Administrative Officer, Melissa handles most of the matters the tutors and coaches do not. Her behind-the-scenes work makes it possible for MEG’s tutors and coaches to focus on their students.

Amy Beaver My Education Guru

Amy Beaver

Undergraduate/Graduate School Counselor

My passion for tutoring started during college, when my friends enlisted my help applying to medical schools and MBA programs. Over seven years have passed since that time and I’ve enjoyed the privilege of helping hundreds of students online, all around the world perfect their writing and research skills. Simultaneously, I’ve worked as a digital marketer in the finance industry, crafting strong, persuasive messages; this is a skill I’ve shared with my students when applying to colleges, jobs, or scholarships. When I’m not working with clients, I can be found tinkling the ivories with a little Rachmaninoff, jogging the colorful staircases in my neighborhood with my cat, Bella, or seeking LA’s best cinnamon roll.

Luis My Education Guru Academic Coach

Luis Limon

Test Preparation Coach

Luis is thrilled to be an academic coach for MY Education Guru. After a brief stint in the legal profession, he has spent most of his professional life in education. He has taught students ages 4 through 64 in a variety of fields. In addition to working in the classroom, Luis is a reading, homework, and test-taking coach who measures his success by the success of his students. As an admitted logophile (lover of words), Luis’ greatest joy comes in helping his students find their own voice in their essay writing. If there is one aspect of tutoring Luis does not enjoy, it is having to write about himself in the third person.



SEO Specialist, Graphic Designers, Social Media Management

With 20 years+ in print and web interface design, Michael has worked on the highest level in all aspects of media and content marketing and growth. His expertise in SEO and social media management has provided his clients with many powerful and effective campaigns over the years. Michael provides MY Education Guru with a deep background in digital optimization strategies that will connect your message, no matter the media platform, with the right audience.

As MY Education Guru’s Graphic Designer, Charida creates and designs a broad range of visual content. She aids the content team in developing creative marketing materials and graphics for promotions, web content, and social media outreach. Charida finds great joy working with her clients, helping them enhance campaigns and challenges them to find their unique visual style.

Animation 3D maker Anton Emelin


3D Modeling and 3D Animation Instructor

Mr. Emelin has worked in digital animation and 3D modeling for some of the biggest companies in the industry. His career as a 3D modeler has included projects for Playstation/Marvel, Warner Bros./D.C. Comics, and Lego. Some of his most notable work as a 3D modeler has been on the VR Experiences for the films “Suicide Squad”, “Annabelle”, and “IT”. Mr. Emelin has also taught 3D modeling courses and served as a mentor  to many of our students. He gives his students insight into what it’s like to work in the entertainment and video game design industry, as well as practical digital animation and 3D modeling training.

Homer Salinas Videographer West LA


Videographer and Videography Instructor

Homer Salinas has filmed content for top brands like Spotify and has worked with artists like Chance The Rapper and Khalid. He has worked with cable networks such as El Rey Network and filmed Documentary and branded content internationally in the middle east and Asia. His expertise in Cinematography and production has elevated the message clients desire to tell. Homer Provides MY Education Guru with cutting edge production techniques to tell any story with cinematic imagery, and as an instructor passes that expertise on to his students. 


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