My Education Guru FAQs

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MY Education Guru FAQs
Educational Questions

Are your services right for my student?

Our primary focus is readying our students for success in areas of academics, test prep, and college applications. We work with your student on organization skills, planning, and advocating for them inside and outside of the classroom. While we do supplement these sessions with academic coaching in certain subjects, our primary focus is equipping your student with study habits and tools.

You will know if coaching is right for your student if they are having a hard time initiating their work and being accountable for their deadlines AKA procrastination. Review our Executive Functioning page to see if your student could benefit from our services.

What’s the difference between a private session and a class?

Private sessions are conducted with one our experienced coaches—or as we like to call them, Gurus. Individualized student needs are determined by a standard student assessment and these insights are used to create a personalized curriculum for your student.

Our classes are held in groups of eight or less and follow a highly structured timeline targeted towards specific outcomes. Student assessments and learning differences are heavily considered during our classes and a variety of teaching methods are used.

Are MY Education Guru’s services worth the investment?

If you’re seeking independence, accountability, college readiness, and drastically improved test scores, then yes, our services are definitely worth the investment! We give our students our all and expect them to be active participants in their success. Test scores improve when students are invested in the process and commit themselves to their goals.

Test prep is often a 3 to 4-month process—which is a huge investment—but has helped so many students harness strong work ethic and produce test results they never thought they could. Our students typically see a 10-point increase on their ACT and a 300 to 400-point increase on their SAT. Essentially, dedicated students learn that hard work equals rewards!

How am I matched with a coach?

After completing a student assessment, we look at your student’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and personality and place them with someone who can truly help your student excel.

What's included in a private session/class?

Each private session is supported by an individualized lesson plan based off of your student’s individual assessment. Depending on the subject, specific materials are included, such as practice tests, worksheets, and take-home guides. Most importantly, private sessions and classes are led by our experienced Gurus! We also try to make sessions/classes fun and challenging.

Where do the sessions take place and what's the environment?

Sessions and classes are held in our offices in West LA. Your student will enjoy a quiet, clean, peaceful environment suited for studies and focus.

How much can I expect my student to improve with MEG?

Your student can expect to improve DRASTICALLY if time and effort are applied. Just take a look at our testimonials to see how much we’ve helped our students.

Difference between a complimentary and paid assessment?

Complimentary assessments help our coaches establish a general understanding of your student’s learning needs and goals. These assessments don’t include the specificity and detail of our comprehensive assessments that consider your student’s learning differences and overall situation. While the complementary assessment provides general recommendations based on your student’s practice test performance, comprehensive assessments offer detailed, personalized evaluations and recommendations.

Our services are most effective when students complete a comprehensive assessment, as we can better tailor the curriculum and learning plan toward their needs. Importantly, comprehensive assessments usually help reduce the initial test prep time (curbing overall coaching costs) or gives the student ample time to fully prepare with all the tools they need to feel comfortable about their upcoming exam. We recommend our comprehensive assessments because, ultimately, it helps us understand where your student is coming from and gives them a chance to talk about their exam—their feelings, fears, anxieties, and goals—to develop a holistic view of the situation.

Payment Policies

Payment is accepted in the following forms: checks via mail, PayPal, and Venmo.

Late policy and cancellations

We maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy, in which the full price of the session will be billed. Furthermore, we do not accept last minute rescheduling. These policies are intended to build responsibility and accountability in our students.

What is expected of our students?

Come on time, ask questions, try your best, take an active role in your improvement, be respectful, and try to have fun!

Why is education important?

Education provides students a platform for getting exposure into areas of passion for their future.

What is STEM Education?

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, and good STEM education provides the foundation for modern day innovation and creativity.

What is common-core education?

Common-core education are the state standards put in place that provides learning objectives for each year and measures their success.

What is higher education?

Today’s higher education isn’t as rudimentary as getting a college, master’s or doctoral degree. Higher education is more generally understood as pursue of further knowledge after high school. This can be in forms of internships, specialized job training or vocational schooling.

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