Management Consultation

We at MY Education Guru (MEG) are proud to support the founding of schools that bring about effective change in their students and community.

Management Consultation

Management Consultation

Our team of broadly talented education professionals help create sustainable, replicable systems to found quality schools. Our mission is to serve private, charter, public schools, and educational institutions that are undergoing the start-up process or major transitions that require substantial logistical support.

We seek to organize and help implement each school’s vision by working closely with the stakeholders to develop a concrete plan to achieve their goals via relevant systems and sustainability protocols. Our diverse team includes curriculum experts and administrators with specific experience in school startup settings as well as members with legal, non-profit, and marketing expertise.

My Education Guru Methodology

Academic Management Consultation Goals

Intake of our clients goals and needs.

1-1s with upper management and sub-group influencers within teams to assess work environment, team dynamics, current processes and tools, overall workplace satisfaction, and perception of organizational goals and needs.

Academic Management Consultation Assessment

Provide detailed assessment and timeline

Deliver an in-depth assessment of changes to be implemented and how they are to be approached in the weeks and months ahead. Work with client to establish a realistic timeline that actively measures productivity and progress. Various project management tools/software will be explored depending on the client’s needs and capacity.

Academic Management Consultation System Coaching

Provide systems coaching to upper management

Coaches will conduct 1-1s with upper management to train and educate them regarding the process or system change. Upper management will help facilitate lessons to teams and subordinates via detailed coaching resources. MEG coaches will be available to reinforce learning and training of lower-level teams.

Academic Management Consultation Productivity

Measure productivity

Productivity will be measured through a series of factors depending on the organizational change, including but not limited to technology adoption, use of communication channels, and efficiency and timeliness of project submissions. Project management tracking software, regular check ins with upper management, and exit interviews post-change implementation will be used to establish sustainable systems and guides for the organization.

Academic Management Consultation Support

Provide further support and consultation

Productivity and evaluation insights will be utilized to create a sustainable support system and plan for the organization to implement independently. My Education Guru can be brought in periodically to help evaluate and modify present processes.

Our Industries & Emphases


Education Competencies

  • Design logistics and launch all necessary systems for new private and charter schools
  • Identify systemic problems and implement fixes to improve the learning environment
  • Develop learning products that schools and teachers can utilize for student achievement
  • Recommend and roll out educational technologies (LMS/SIS, learning software, data analytics) to support school-wide goals
  • Coordinate accreditation efforts through a data-driven action plan for school development

Industry Challenges

  • Misalignment of goals across upper management
  • Power struggle between upper management
  • Miscommunication at all levels
  • Hampered productivity and communication between upper and lower management
  • Require unique systems coaching approach to advise and support upper management on an individual level.

My Education Guru Philosophy

The MEG team strives to create an environment where clients can:

Freely explore their identity, purpose, and potential to enact meaningful change within the organization. Establish deeper, foundational values that strengthen their connection to the community. Develop dialogues between team members to enhance cultural understanding and sensitivity. Leverage openness and creativity to fuel innovation and discourse that encourages teams to take on new challenges.

Management Consultation Team

Yi Chang My Education Guru

Yi Chang

Founder and Head Project Manager

As MEG’s head project manager, Yi leads the entire team across new project onboarding, structuring project analysis, implementing infrastructure, and sustaining the productivity and effectiveness of our client’s goals. He loves listening to the aspirations of his clients and helping mold them into reality. As the founder of MEG, former business owner of J&K Resources Inc, a student pursuing his masters in systems studies and an advocator of alternative education, Yi is highly equipped to bring your next project to fruition.

Amy Beaver My Education Guru

Amy Beaver

Marketing Director

Amy serves as the Marketing Director at MEG, managing various projects across the company’s broad portfolio. With an education in economics and finance, Amy has worked for major financial institutions as an analyst and marketing strategy consultant. Within the education space, she specializes in college counseling, helping graduate and medical students craft strong, value-driven personal statements and college application essays. With a unique background in finance and education, Amy is well-suited to deliver valuable strategy insights and support.

Michael Feldman My Education Guru

Michael Feldman

Outreach Consultant

Michael Feldman is a consultant for MEG who assists with outreach efforts and is also part of the management consulting team. Within management consulting, he specializes in helping schools develop strong and sustainable administrative structures and create effective marketing outreach materials and strategies. Michael also has experience in developing and executing mentorship programs designed to improve student engagement and performance. He has close to a decade of experience in college admissions (both as a college admissions officer and as a high school college counselor) and enjoys helping schools develop effective college counseling programs.

Management Consultation My Education Guru

Sylvia Puglisi

Curriculum Engineer

As MEG’s curriculum engineer, Sylvia leads the education team in designing instructional materials, executing the implementation plan, and designing learning systems to ensure coherence, rigor, and innovative educational environments for all students. She loves the challenge of synthesizing others’ ideas — a client’s goals and passions, and the expertise of her team members — and executing them in a tangible form. As a former math and science teacher, standards-based K12 curriculum writer, WASC Coordinator, student achievement data analyst, STEM department head, and virtual student herself, she has experience with many of the logistical challenges that schools face.

Management Consultation My Education Guru

Charida Thiem

Graphic Designer

As MEG’s Graphic Designer, Charida creates and designs a broad range of visual content. She also works as a freelance graphic designer and Adobe Photoshop instructor, developing creative marketing materials and graphics for promotions, web content, and social media outreach. Charida finds great joy working with her students, helping them enhance their creative skills and challenge themselves to find their unique visual style.

Management Consultation My Education Guru

Cathy Gray

Design and Management Consultant

On MEG’s education team, Cathi oversees all projects related to the design and implementation of curriculum and instruction, and is the primary decision-maker in designing system for effective teaching and learning. As a former teacher, Academic Dean and Athletic Director, Cathi serves to support MEG’s management team in hiring and training of qualified staff, particularly for clients who are schools or athletic programs.

Management Consultation My Education Guru

Karen Lee

Learning Specialist

Karen is a certified learning specialist, whose experience in education spans one-on-one ed therapy to the design, implementation, and improvement of schoolwide learning support systems and administrative structures. Her work on the MEG team focuses on staff training, and designing comprehensive learning support systems for schools.

Management Consultation My Education Guru

Charles Baker

Development, Outreach, and Community Consultant

Charles’ work in management consulting spans development, outreach, and community engagement. His work with on the MEG education team builds on years of experience in education leadership in Los Angeles-area schools including: public relations, family-school communication, student recruiting, administration, and operations.

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