Executive Functions Coaching

Does your student struggle with time management, good study habits, and focus? Or do they have inhibitory control, a learning disability, dyslexia, or math dyslexia (dyscalculia)? Your student may benefit from executive functions coaching.

Executive Function Coaching


An executive functioning coach helps instill life skills, such as time management, focus, working memory, flexible memory, multitasking, organization, planning ahead, and confident socialization abilities. Check out our blog for a more detailed exploration of executive functions.


An executive functioning coach is not academic tutoring or coaching. The aim of our service is to help students manage a variety of tasks and assignments. We provide students the tools and strategies to approach the rigors of life and school with confidence, empowering them with the ability to regain control of their future.

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Testimonial from Tutoring Student's Parent

“MY Education Guru—they do identify with each individual student. My son was a late diagnosis with ADD and Yi was amazing. He helped my husband and I understand more about ADD and really love his teaching methods…”

— Sherri Latif —

MY Education Guru Executive Functions Coaching


Students can benefit from executive functions coaching if parents or teachers notice stalled and slowed performance at school, issues completing tasks independently, struggles connecting with other students and forging solid connections, and the inability to recall and communicate information in a logical sequence. Often, students with ADHD,a  learning disability, or those experiencing anxiety or depression are candidates for an executive functioning coach. Students who may be experiencing particularly challenging life events may also suffer from reduced executive functioning skills.


Executive functions coaching works best when paired with a student’s overarching goals. Below is the case study of Raymond, a student struggling with confidence, self-image, and motivation. We outline our methods and how executive functioning skills and coaching,  alongside our other services, helped him take on his goals.

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Our 4-Part Approach

Executive Functions Coaching Assessment

Conduct an Assessment

No student is the same. Our assessments help identify a student’s unique learning needs by reviewing their coursework, methods of approaching assignments, life events, stressors, and existing support networks. These considerations are used to help devise realistic benchmarks and goals for the student to achieve.

Executive Coaching Strategies

Provide Tools and Strategies

We implement a wide variety of tools to match student needs. Some strategies include bullet journals, exposure therapy, mindfulness, and accountability systems. Being able to communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs, otherwise known as advocacy skills, is one of the most common executive functions weaknesses we see in our students. In response, coaches help students verbalize their thoughts, externalize them in bullet journals, and provide accountability.

Executive Functions Coaching Confidence

Help Establish and Reinforce Confidence

Specific checkpoints and benchmarks for students are also coupled with specific rewards. This might include a break, encouragement, praise, or a fun activity with friends and family. We believe it is important to acknowledge and celebrate progress!

Executive Functions Coaching Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Student Struggles

We implement a flexible approach that considers the fact that not all strategies will work for each student and that at times, some strategies may not be effective. Thus, we ensure students learn the tools to adapt to each changing situation by troubleshooting and setting our coaches as role models. Support and mentorship are a key aspect of executive functions coaching at MEG.


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