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Does your child have gaps in reading, writing, or math skills? Or academic skills in general? Is homework or classwork a regular source of anxiety and frustration? At MY Education Guru we offer an educational evaluation and educational therapy programs that offer a wide range of intensive, individualized interventions to address and eliminate learning challenges, build fluency,comprehension, and ensure a successful transfer of study skills into the classroom.

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The goal of educational remediation, also known as educational therapy, is to target and address specific learning challenges interfering with a student’s ability to reach their highest potential in academic subjects. Our focus is not only remediation, but also building underlying learning skills and self-awareness to help students become more self-reliant, efficient learners. With an in-depth knowledge of how executive function influences learning skills, our specialists embed executive function strategies in educational remediation sessions, thereby allowing students to strengthen underlying learning challenges while developing the executive function skills necessary for success.

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Educational Therapy Strategies

Our Gurus use different intervention strategies to address learning challenges and improve academic performance. While some strategies will focus on the specific areas of challenge (such as math or reading), other strategies will emphasize more generally on learning new skills, such as executive function or time management skills. Intervention programs are individualized for each learner, as even challenges in the same subject can vary widely.

Consider three students who struggle with their reading homework:

Student A avoids reading comprehension assignment, due to anxiety about class discussion. Interventions may focus on task initiation, anxiety reduction through practice and role-playing, or developing discussion outlines for use in classroom.

Student B never completes reading assignments, as they read too slowly. Interventions may support fluency and tracking, teach skills in skimming, or help them break the task down into smaller pieces.

Student C completes their reading, but never remembers what they’ve read. Interventions may involve memory-building, techniques for engaged reading, and targeted re-reading for comprehension.

Sessions are conducted in a one-on-one setting, usually outside of school. Educational remediation is provided for students who may have learning differences, such as ADHD or dyscalculia, but can also be helpful for students with more general challenges, such as low self-esteem or test taking anxiety.


Subject tutoring. MY Education Guru’s subject-specific tutoring services focus on content and academic performance in a particular academic subject, only addressing skill gaps and learning challenges in a limited capacity. By contrast, Educational Therapy & Remediation is primarily directed toward learning challenges—improvement in academic subjects is a likely outcome, but not through direct instruction in content.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

"I had a great experience with My Education Guru and improved on better work habits. What I liked most was their one-to-one connection.”

R.L. – Student

The My Education Guru 4-Part Approach


Conduct an Assessment

Our Gurus conduct and interpret informal and formal assessments, then create an individual treatment plan with specific developmental educational recommendations and remediation programs best suited to each student’s specific learning needs. We address information processing, issues with focus and memory, and academic skills—our educational specialists seek to treat the underlying learning issues that keep students from succeeding.


Provide Tools and Strategies

Our educational remediation approach is  individualized for each learner, provides one-on-one support for students who may have learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, attentional regulation (ADD), auditory processing deficiencies, language processing deficiencies, visual processing disorders, math disabilities (dyscalculia), or a reading disorder such as difficulties in phonetic reading, reading comprehension, inferential skills, word retrieval, and written expression.


Troubleshoot Student Struggles

If students are struggling in their academic coursework because of organization issues, The MEG Learning Center also offers executive function coaching. Executive function coaching helps students with time management skills and organization issues to work more effectively. By helping students design and implement study routines, effective organization, record-keeping and calendaring strategies, and study habits for test taking, the Learning Center can help students reduce stress and increase academic achievement.


Help establish & Reinforce Confidence

The MY Education Guru Learning Center focuses on enhancing academic skills n a way that is supportive and uplifting for the student. Our philosophy is not to impose knowledge and structure upon students but instead to take into account student’s personal, social, and cultural contexts to allow them to grow in knowledge and build structures that work for them.

We Also Cater to Students with Accommodations.

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Enroll Education Therapy


In spite of their best efforts, educational therapy and remediation is not generally offered in schools. The need for educational therapists, individually designed plans, and special materials makes it impractical to be provided in schools. The Learning Center at The MEG School in West Los Angeles has had educational remediation as a cornerstone of its programming since its inception.

You can start the enrollment process by calling us at (424) 276-1524. We will ask you a few screening questions and set an intake appointment for you and your student. At your intake appointment, we will discuss your student’s specific challenges, IEP or 504 plans if they have them, and the best plan to move forward. We may also schedule some assessments to more precisely identify your student’s needs.

We schedule educational therapy and remediation sessions based on the needs of the student and the parent. Sessions are generally held in West LA facilities. We can arrange for off-site sessions as well. For more information on our educational remediation, call us at (424) 276-1524 or email us at info@myeducationguru.com.


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