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Unsure how to start the college search process? MY Education Guru offers students and parents a personalized college preparation counseling program to find the right college fit! Our 12 step process is led by assigned college counselors and is supplemented by workshops, resources, and one-on-one sessions.

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MY Education Guru can also assist with college search tools. We use an online platform to supplement a search for your ideal college and career path. In addition, we provide services for college application essay help and personal statement classes.

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"Working with My Education Guru was my best decision in my college application process. Yi Chang tutored me through both my SAT and my college apps essays...”

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Personalized Student Assessment & Coach

This assessment aims to establish a clear understanding of our students’ unique needs. We use a series of independent and collective student/parent interviews to construct an individualized college counseling track program.

When a student is brought on board to MY Education Guru for any of our college counseling track programs, he or she will be asked to submit any materials pertinent to learning needs and history. The goals of the assessment include establishing a thorough understanding of the client’s unique needs, developing a service action plan, and establishing rapport. A college counselor will conduct the assessment and continue on with the student throughout the college track program and service offerings they have chosen. The personalized student’s assessment and college counselor is a premium service that comes complimentary with the college counseling track program. Additionally, solutions for the student will be layered with executive functioning coaching and exercises for the student to implement better time and stress management throughout the college application process.

The following includes all aspects of the personalized student assessment:

Collecting Documentation

  • Full assessment of needs, strengths and weaknesses to better identify appropriate services
  • Any updated academic assessments such as IEP or Triennial Assessments
  • Most recent progress report/report card
  • Cumulative transcript

Conducting Assessment Review/Psychoeducation

  • Overview of academic history
  • Overview of strengths and weaknesses, interests, and extracurriculars
  • Overview of Student Success Plan
  • Overview of IEP

Initial Meeting with the Student

  • Introduction to college counselor
  • Discuss student’s history, services provided, and get to know client
  • Establish goals of fostering relationship with MEG
  • Receive client consent to services provided

End-To-End Timeline – Your College App Journey

Your College Application Journey (Freshman to Senior year): A comprehensive look at each and every college prep steps that are necessary to help the student through the college application process. The session includes discussions, take home and in-workshop worksheet activities and reflection, and is intended for both parents and students.

Learning Your Strengths and Weaknesses: This workshop is an interactive experience for students, including a series of reflection activities. Students will be taught brainstorming techniques  to assess areas of improvement/emphasis across academics, extracurriculars, leadership/internships, and test prep. These exercises will be used to help students set college app goals and plans.


  • Comprehensive College Journey Checklist
  • Student Timeline/Calendar

Best-Fit College Assessment

Upon gathering insight into a student’s specific needs and concerns, we develop a Personalized Report. This report consists of recommended colleges based on a student’s strengths, goals, and interests. Our Gurus then help students add to and narrow that list to prepare them for prospective school visits.

Personalized report: Our college search tools create various lists of schools with recommendations for a variety of student needs and concerns. The list of schools is based on what we discover about the student in the strengths and weaknesses workshop and activities.

1-1: Our college counselors will work with the student to prepare and recommend a solid list of prospective schools.

Time & Stress Management

The College Application Survival Tool Kit: Teaching students how to manage their time and address stress/anxiety linked to the college application/transition process. Tactics include: cognitive behavioral journaling, mindfulness, visualization, sleep hygiene, and general planning/productivity tools.


  • Time Tracking Hacks
  • Stress Busting Guide

Developing a Personal Statement Plan and Voice

Understanding and accommodating each student’s unique qualities is the main focus of our college counseling program. Coincidentally, a student’s uniqueness is differentiating what colleges are looking for in their applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to help each student communicate their own personal story with college application help. Personal statements are used as a foundation to approach everything from college application essays, to scholarships, internships, or even part-time jobs. With a written expression of their goals and purpose, students can approach future endeavors with confidence. A personal statement outlines a student’s achievements, goals, and greater purpose, allowing them to better target ideal opportunities and seamlessly communicate their value.

College Search Tools and Resources

  • Finding Your Voice guide: Comprehensive guide complete with exercises, worksheets, and samples of personal statements to help the student develop a clear personal message with which to approach their college application essays and other endeavors.
  • 1-1: In conjunction with college application essays, our coaches help the student establish a clear vision and sense of voice via the Finding Your Voice guide, which includes valuable college preparation exercises to help explore a student’s achievements, goals, and broader purpose beyond college.

Select Recommenders

Best Practices of Selecting Recommenders: Workshop detailing who to ask for recommendation letters, how to ask, what to include in your recommender information packet, how to handle the FERPA waiver, and general etiquette and expectations for recommenders.


  • Best Practices List: A summary of the main takeaways from the Best Practices of Selecting Recommenders workshop.
  • Recommender Information Packet Checklist: A checklist for students to ensure they’ve provided all the necessary documentation and information for their recommenders.
  • Sample Thank You Letter and Template: Sample thank you letter for students to use as a template for their own letters to recommenders.


Each school requires different criteria for college application essays. We teach various tactics to approach essay writing for common apps, Cal states, UCs, and special programs. Our college essay writing service team consists of experienced gurus who are also available to prepare portfolios for aspiring artists and Division I athletes. Our college counseling workshops will cover brainstorming tactics, persuasive writing exercises, school-specific dos and don’ts, review and breakdown of successful essays, and more. Furthermore, our coaches will provide one-on-one advisement through every step of the process for every school they plan to apply to.


  • Sample essays and best practices guides


Financial Aid Basics: West Los Angeles college counseling workshops are intended for both parents and students, detailing how to apply for financial aid and answering the most pressing FAQS and concerns about the process. This is a great opportunity for parents and students to have their major financial aid questions answered!


  • Financial Aid Help Guide
  • Financial Aid Application Checklist

Reviewing Essay Drafts/Submission Check-Ins

College coaches will provide oversight, guidance, and serve as a second pair of eyes for student’s application essays. Coaches will help students with brainstorming, development, reviewing, and fine-tuning a final draft.

Mock Interview Prep/Scholarships & Schools

Mock Interview Prep: Our college counseling workshop will cover interview tactics, best-practices, and how to communicate your value through spoken word. Students will also learn how to handle anxiety/pre-interview jitters.


  • Video Samples
  • Interview Etiquette

Scholarship Essays & Application Tactics

Applying to Scholarships: Where to find scholarships, best-practices, and persuasive writing techniques and tips for scholarship essays.


  • Sample Scholarship Essays
  • Scholarships 101
  • Scholarship Resources

Compare Financial Aid Award Letters & Make School Selection

Personalized School Selection Report: Report detailing My Education Guru recommendations for the student’s school choice based upon acceptance letters, financial aid, and previously student and parent expectations/goals.

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