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College Prep in West Los Angeles

At MY Education Guru we offer educational coaching, academic advising, and college preparation designed for your student’s unique learning style. Not only do we offer learning assessments to find the best ways to help them excel, we treat your student as an individual and build a personal bond. With an academic counselor, we’ll prepare your student for their degree program and degree requirements. We also provide a college admissions consultant to ready students for their college application essay and college application deadline.

MY Education Guru in West LA makes college prep easy!


We are proud to provide academic services that take students through every step of the college prep journey. From subject tutoring and executive functions coaching to test prep and college counseling, our academic counselors can help your student succeed.

Subject Tutoring West LA

Subject Tutoring

Our coaches are skilled across many fields to assist students with a range of subjects such as science, math, and humanities.

In Home Tutoring

Executive Functions

Executive function coaching helps students who struggle to improve study habits, work on their own, recall content, and keep up with schoolwork.

Test Preparation West LA

Test Preparation

Whether it’s the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, PSAT, NMSQT, GRE, or GMAT we can help students improve their scores!

College Counseling West LA

College Prep Counseling

We offer the best college admissions consultants to help with college applications, personal statements, school choice, financial aid, college scholarships, and grants.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

"My guru was very thorough and went over any key concepts over again. Also, when it seemed like I didn’t grasp a topic, he made sure we went over it until I did. He was very engaging and able to keep me involved. I wasn’t sure how to apply for college, and he helped with not only academic advising, but also college scholarships and grants and college application deadlines."

– D.M., Student Athlete Tutored in AP Chemistry


At MY Education Guru of West LA, we believe in a holistic approach to student success. Our therapeutic services help students tackle some of the underlying struggles that affect academic performance and overall well being. Whether your student is encountering challenges linked to depression/anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or learning differences, we offer unique solutions to help them overcome.

Yoga and Meditation Class

Yoga Self-Regulation

My Education Guru provides a course in Yoga for Self-Regulation to support students in developing the tools and skills for mental health and executive functioning.

Education Therapy West LA

Educational Therapy

Educational therapy is available for students with known learning differences. Intensive, nurturing interventions are applied to help the student learn and college prep.

Music Therapy West LA

Therapeutic Art Class

Through art therapy, students can experience the restorative nature of creativity. This service is available to students seeking healing through self-expression.

Academic Services Student Testimonial

"Yi has been tutoring my two high schoolers for a matter of months in science and math. To say he is committed is an understatement. He is caring, sensitive to the needs of your student, professional, and the most proactive tutor I have ever known. With this academic advising, college preparation has never been so easy."

– M.S. & C.S., Parents

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